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Curing Cancer with Patient-First Commitment



We are excited when a client who received statistical consulting from us invites us to tour their company facilities. Our visit at P-Cure left a lasting impression, as we were truly impressed by their device and the breakthrough technology in Proton irradiation for cancer patients. We extend our sincere gratitude to Dr. Michael Marash for inviting us on this tour and would also like to express our appreciation to Udi, who presented the company's vision and pathway in an incredibly impressive manner. It is an honor for us to be part of this process, and we take great pride in it! May all your patients experience the joy of ringing the bell of hope!



27.12.2022 - 28.12.2022

Zichron Yaakov

End of year team building trip to the beautiful town of Zichron Yaakov. 

Started the trip with wine tasting and a great lunch at the Tishbi Winery. Later we had dinner in the old city and a show. Spent the night at the wonderful Elma Art Complex Hotel. 

Ended the trip the next day by walking through the main promenade and visiting the local shops and art galleries.


Medicine 2042 Congress

BioStats was excited to attend this year's Medicine 2042 congress, Hosted by one of our clients.

And for "dessert" we were invited to the Andrea Bocelli Concert in Bloomfield stadium.


Rosh Hashana Breakfast


The entire office took a short culinary break to celebrate the upcoming New Year. We enjoyed a great breakfast at Biga in Shilat.


Team Spirit - 2021 office trip

24 hours of fun for the employees of BioStats and their families. It is always happy and brings positive energies to the company. We took a hike in Nahal David, where we saw the signs of the last winter and ended the day with a great outdoor barbeque in Kibbutz Almog.



Annual meeting of the medical device community in Israel.


Elizabeth Kay - Team building activity

This is a fun and creative workshop for companies looking to build a stronger connection with their team. The workshop starts off with time for coffee and tea made with fresh nana and lemongrass leaves from the garden. Weather permitting the members can go out and sit by the fishpond or wander through the therapy garden to enjoy the first few minutes of the workshop.

The first part of the workshop is designated to team-building games. Each team member is given a glass bowl or container in which they will create their own succulent terrarium.


MDA - Basic C.P.R training

Anyone can save lives - there's no telling when you will encounter a medical emergency. In the basic MADA C.P.R  course, we learned how to CPR in adults, children, and infants. How to use the defibrillator and how to identify and treat common medical emergencies such as a heart attack or stroke. 


Amos Winery

Company activity at Amos Winery in a beautiful place. We learned to make different types of bread, tasted delicious boutique wine, and saw how you make musical instruments out of wood.


JLMBiocity meeting

Dr. Lisa Deutsch, CEO of BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd. speaking about "Understanding the advantage of sound statistical advice in all stages of development of Bio-Medical products".


BioStats new offices 

We have moved to our spacious new offices. The office is located at the Renanim Center in Maccabim.


Passover cooking class

Passover cooking class with Ilana Kaye. 

Hands-on cooking workshop. This was really fun!! We cooked and then enjoyed our hard work together. 

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