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BioStat's multinational consulting team is fluent in six languages, adding a rich and nuanced layer of experience to our expertise in leading successful projects that meet the various rigorous statistical regimes used by regulatory authorities. 

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Dr. Lisa Deutsch, PhD

CEO, Managing Partner

Dr. Lisa Deutsch founded BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd. in 2000. She has accumulated more than 15 exciting and thrilling years of experience in professional biostatistics. Prior to founding Biostats Ltd. (while in academia), Lisa was a consulting statistician to healthcare professionals, scientists, and clinicians, gaining expertise in varied medical research fields including medical devices as well as anti-viral/anti-infectious agents, oncology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and gastrointestinal, among others. There she developed analysis plans, and scientific meeting presentations and co-authored published articles in major peer-reviewed journals. 
In the bio-medical industry, she has consulted to a wide range of drug and medical device development companies. Her broad knowledge of guidance documents for ICH, ISO, CLSI, and FDA guidelines makes her an expert in compliance with FDA and European regulation requirements with extensive experience with FDA and CE for approvals of medical devices and drugs (510k, PMA, NDA). 
Dr. Deutsch holds an M.Sc.s in Statistics (with honors) and Ph.D. from Bar Ilan University (Israel) in Biostatistics. She has years of comprehensive experience in trial design and sample size calculation, data analysis, algorithm development, and extensive knowledge of advanced statistical methods.

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Frederic Deutsch

Director - Senior Biostatistician

Frederic Deutsch joined Biostats Statistical Consulting Ltd. in 2008 after working as a biostatistician in the Global Biostatistics Unit, Innovative R&D Division at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Frederic brings a wide knowledge and experience with study design, sample size calculation, submission of protocols, preparation of Statistical Analysis Plan, analysis of data from clinical trials using advanced statistical methods. He formerly worked as a statistician and data scientist for a consulting firm specializing in Data Mining and has experience with projects in the finance and wholesaling fields. In addition to his wide technical knowledge, he is a highly skilled SAS programmer.

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Anat Sagiv

Administrative Operations Manager

Anat Sagiv joined BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd in 2017 as our office manager. She is our native Israeli team member. Anat brings a wide array of experience from the medical device industry. She was employed at Oridion Medical Ltd (Medtronic) for 20 years as an acceptance test procedure manager. This included the role of liaison between Oridion and the FDA as well as managing a team of 6 employees, conducting internal training to the different departments in the company, QA, writing documentation, SOPs and manuals. An effective coordinator and communicator, she provides excellence of service and communications between clients, development, and support teams as our dynamic administrator and operations manager.


Netanel Deutsch


Netanel Deutsch joined BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd. in 2019. He interned in his parents’ company during his studies in university and now is a full-time employee.

Netanel received his B.A. in statistics and an M.A. in Biostatistics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Daphna Gishron

Systems Administrator and Data Management Assistant

Daphna Gishron joined BioStats Statistical Consulting Ltd. in 2020. She is a native English and Hebrew speaker. Prior to joining BioStats, she worked for 18 years in Budapest, Hungary.

Daphna studied computer programming and marketing in Budapest. At BioStats she is the systems administrator, using her skills as an organized team player, detail-oriented, strong multitasker, with the ability to independently follow through and complete tasks.

Her responsibilities also include EDC design, data management, and system administrations.

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